Students in 4th and 5th grade are invited to join the Lovettsville Elementary School chorus. Chorus is an optional after-school program that is open to all students wishing to participate. Students in chorus will be rehearsing Wednesdays after school from January through May for the second semester. Students in chorus will be learning and reading two-part music, performing and reinforcing the fundamentals of singing, and have opportunities to give back to the community.

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Chorus is an extension of our regular music class and gives students an opportunity to sing, perform and grow musically. Students will remain after school and will report to the music room, where attendance will be taken. Students are welcome to bring a snack to have during attendance time and are encouraged to bring a water bottle to rehearsals.

Chorus will begin at 2:20 pm and conclude promptly at 4 pm unless otherwise specified. If your child would like to participate in chorus but does not have a ride home, please contact Mr. Ford and he will try to arrange a carpool.

The chorus functions as a team, and each member plays a crucial role. We depend on every student to be present at rehearsals and
performances. It’s essential for the group’s cohesion and the overall success of our presentations.

Click here to complete online registration no later than January 10th !

Registration Process

Pay $100 Chorus fee via the online form.
If you would like to request a scholarship, please email Mr. Ford directly at

There are no additional after-school program forms needed.

All complete registrations received by January 10th, 2024 will be accepted.

Hershey Park Trip – Plans are underway to have the chorus perform at Hershey Park for a Choral Festival. Students have the opportunity to perform music of high artistic merit for a festival rating of Excellent or Superior. The cost for students and chaperones to go on this trip is estimated to be around $100 – $130. This price includes festival registration, Hershey Park tickets, meals at the park, and coach bus transportation (prices may vary for season ticket holders and if the meal option is removed). Fundraising opportunities are also being planned to help offset some of the cost for this trip.  

Chorus FAQ

Where will Chorus Students be dismissed after rehearsal? Students will walk down to the gym entrance (door B12)

How will I know if I am a chaperone for a performance? Mr. Ford will send out an email to confirm chaperone status. Chaperones will be chosen on a first come first serve basis.

Is there a Chorus uniform? Yes, students will need to purchase a chorus shirt ($12). For bottoms, students should wear all black pants (no leggings, sweatpants, joggers etc.).

Does my students have to be in the fall chorus to go on the spring HERSHEY park trip? No, however,
students who are in the fall chorus will have their spots secured first.

What happens if my student misses 3 rehearsals? Mr. Ford, or the Chorus Assistant, will send an email after the second absence informing of a pending removal from chorus. If a third unexcused absence occurs, the student will be removed from chorus.

Why is the Chorus registration fee $100? This registration cost includes 18 rehearsals, sheet music (typically $2-3 per piece), and payment for any instrumentalist/tracks and the director.

Does my student have to participate in every performance? Each member of the chorus brings a special vocal talent to our ensemble. Students in chorus depend on one another as they are performing. Absence from a performance means losing that special vocal talent and can cause issues within the section that depends on them.

Should my student practice at home? Yes! All students will be added to the chorus Schoology group. In this group, they will find practice tracks, recordings of the performances, and other things needed/helpful for chorus.

Can I help sponsor students to be in the Chorus? Yes, you can! Please email Mr. Ford if you would like to exercise this option.

Important Dates

Registration Deadline:

January 10th

Rehearsal Dates:

Wed, Jan 17
Wed, Jan 24
Wed, Jan 31
Wed, Feb 7
Wed, Feb 14
Wed, Feb 21
Wed, Feb 28
Wed, Mar 6
Wed, Mar 13
Wed, Mar 20
Wed, Apr 3
Wed, Apr 17
Wed, Apr 24
Wed, May 1
Wed, May 8
Wed, May 15
Wed, May 22

Rehearsal Times:

2:20 pm – 4:00 pm

Performance Dates:

Winter Bingo:
Fri, Jan 26th

Velocity Wing Fundraiser:

Loudoun United Soccer Game $$:

Hershey Park Pre-Assessement Workshop: April TBD

Senior Citizen Holiday Luncheon: May 9th

Hershey Park $$:
May 11th

Spring Concert:
May 16th

Memorial Day (Town Square): May 27th

(Other performance opportunities are still being explored and will be communicated as soon as possible.)