The Deadline: Please return this form by Monday, February 13th.  

LOV PTO is busy collecting exciting class ideas for this Spring’s After School Program (ASP). ASP is a great  way for our STUDENTS to have FUN, be exposed to new topics, and for our ASP INSTRUCTORS to earn  EXTRA MONEY or PERKS and for the PTO to earn FUNDS for our classrooms.  

The Instructors: YOU!!! We would love to offer ASP classes taught by the LOV community including  teachers’, staff and parents. As an ASP Instructor, you will be able to choose the class topic, the day it is  offered, the maximum number of enrolled students (anywhere from 10 – 25) and the class age range.  

The Class: What is your specialty? What is your favorite topic…cooking, sports, sewing, comic books, trivia,  cheerleading, classic board games or chess? You name it and we will consider your idea. The PTO will then  publish the class line up and register all students for classes. All you need to do is bring your ideas and enthusiasm!  

The Dates: The ASP session will run for 6 weeks, beginning March 14th and ending May 5th. Classes will be held once a week, 2:30 – 3:30 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.  

The Pay: BIG CHANGES HERE!!! The LOV PTO is offering 2 different options for instructors!

OPTION 1: LOV PTO VOLUNTEER: 10-15 hours of volunteer time per class taught with HUGE perks!!

  • PTO will reimburse supplies up to $30 per child for each class taught
  • 2 FREE ($150 value) ASP enrollments in a class that is not your own!
  • Must be a member of the PTO ($5 fee)
  • Does not require business insurance!

OPTION 2: PAID INSTRUCTOR: Get paid to give back to our community and kids!

  • PTO will pay you $40 per student registered in each of your classes
  • LOV Parents and Businesses are required to provide proof of insurance
  • Supplies will not be reimbursed or provided by the PTO

The Details: Want to teach? Have questions? Please email for additional information. 

Thank you for supporting LOV PTO.