ASP 6.3 Tuesday – Budding Photographers w/ Mrs. Fairbanks (All Grades)


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2.3 Budding Photographers w/ Mrs. Fairbanks – This new and improved  After-School Photography Club is set to inspire creativity, foster artistic expression, and teach valuable photography skills using the powerful tool that most kids already have in their pockets – iPhones (or iPads)!  They offer a fantastic platform for learning the art of photography in a user-friendly and engaging manner.  Your child will discover the exciting world of photography through hands-on activities, games, and challenges that leverage the capabilities of their iPhones (iPads).   From composition and lighting to creative angles, our club will cover fundamental photography techniques that can be easily applied using iPhone cameras.  No need for expensive camera equipment. iPhones (iPads) make photography accessible to all, ensuring that every child can participate and express their unique vision. Material fee includes various supplies such as folders, binders, photo props, etc.

[All Grades]
Min 5, Max 10 students

Tuesdays1/9 to 2/13

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