A quarter auction is part raffle, part auction and part fundraiser. It works a bit like bingo.

When you arrive, you will be given your pre-purchased paddle. This paddle will have a corresponding numbered chip which will be put into the drawing basket. Before the auction begins, you’ll be able to purchase additional paddles for a discounted price (limited quantities), if you wish.

The program lists the items up for auction, the donor, and the bid amount in increments of 25 cents.  Once the auction begins, the announcer will name the item and the item will be displayed on the screen along with the bid amount.  If you’re interested in bidding, you’ll put the bid amount that was announced for EACH paddle you intend to bid with into the cup on the table. So, if you have two paddles, want to bid with both to double your chances, and the item is a “one quarter” bid, you’ll put .50 in the bucket and raise your paddles. If you have two paddles and decide to only bid with one, you only pay bid amount announced BUT you MUST choose only one numbered paddle to bid with and hold it up. The announcer will give a little time and then announce bidding is closed.

Workers will be walking from table to table with a bucket to collect bids from the cups. The announcer will then draw a number to find a winner. If they draw your number and you had bid on the item, hooray! You just won an awesome item at a great price! If they draw your number and you did NOT bid, just call out “NO BID!” and they will draw another number.

If 3 numbers are drawn for an item with “NO BID”, the item will go to the person that placed a bid with the closest number ABOVE the 3rd number drawn. 

Be sure to bring quarters, but if you forget or run out, there will be rolls of quarters available for purchase at the event. If it all sounds complicated, relax. Everything will be explained again once you get to the auction, and you’ll catch on in no time. You’re going to love this event!